Commissions & Works for Sale

Gandy Gallery is pleased to represent Allan R. Banks. Mr. Banks accepts a limited number of commissions each year from government, corporations, academia, and private collectors. Allan also completes a number of noncommissioned works that are offered for sale.


© Allan R. Banks, Celebration of Naboo Youth on Freedom Day, Star Wars Art: Visions
Celebration of Naboo Youth on Freedom Day
Oil Study
o/c, 20" x 24"
Price on Request

Other Star Wars related works coming soon.

© Allan R. Banks
Children with Lop-eared Rabbit
o/c, 70" x 46"

© Allan R. Banks
Male Nude Study
1993, o/c, 36" x 30"

© Allan R. Banks
Study of a Frenchman
o/c, 20" x 16"


© Allan R. Banks
Reverie (Holly Plein-Air)
Oil on canvas, 72" x 44"


© Allan R. Banks
Boy with Scythe
2009, Oil on Canvas, 60" x 36"


© Allan R. Banks
Watering Girl
2001, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 24"

© Allan R. Banks
Autumn Whispers
o/c, 24" x 18"

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