Carl J. Samson, Padme Resplendent with Naboo Mandala
24" x 20", Oil with 22 & 23K gold leaf background on rare 1930s era chestnut panel
Collection of George Lucas

Carl J. Samson, Padme Resplendent with Naboo Mandala

“When I first saw images of Natalie Portman dressed in her burgundy cut velvet robe from Revenge of the Sith, I was at once taken with the possibility of juxtaposing her lovely profile and gown against the brilliance of gold leaf.

As Queen of Naboo and mother of Luke Skywalker, it occurred to me that from a modern perspective, visual and narrative parallels could be drawn between Padme Amidala and the great icon images of Byzantium and later historical periods.

Since I have also admired the visually pleasing combination of naturalism and decoratively incised gold leaf exhibited in many late 19th and early 20th century paintings, I chose to depict Padme in a similar way. Though, in place of the typical circular halo, I have incised the mandala, or orbital path, of her native planet, Naboo.” -- Carl J. Samson